sgdml.solvers package

sgdml.solvers.analytic module

class sgdml.solvers.analytic.Analytic(gdml_train, desc, callback=None)[source]

Bases: object

solve(task, R_desc, R_d_desc, tril_perms_lin, y)[source]

sgdml.solvers.iterative module

exception sgdml.solvers.iterative.CGRestartException[source]

Bases: Exception

class sgdml.solvers.iterative.Iterative(gdml_train, desc, callback=None, max_processes=None, use_torch=False)[source]

Bases: object

_cho_factor_stable(M, min_eig=None)[source]

Performs a Cholesky decompostion of a matrix, but regularizes as needed until its positive definite.

  • M (numpy.ndarray) – Matrix to factorize.

  • min_eig (float) – Force lowest eigenvalue to be a certain (positive) value (default: machine precision)


  • numpy.ndarray – Matrix whose upper or lower triangle contains the Cholesky factor of a. Other parts of the matrix contain random data.

  • boolean – Flag indicating whether the factor is in the lower or upper triangle

solve(task, R_desc, R_d_desc, tril_perms_lin, y, y_std, save_progr_callback=None)[source]